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Minas Valley Brazilian Cheese Rolls

Authentic "Pão de Queijo"

Cheddar Parmesan
Garlic & Herb

Minas Valley

Minas Valley is a family business located in Whitby, ON Canada. We use high quality natural ingredients to make our Brazilian Cheese Rolls aka "Pão de Queijo". Our products are made with tapioca starch which makes them naturally gluten free. Our homemade style with a lot of cheese brings an amazing texture and flavour that will give you happiness in every bite.



"Pão de Queijo" is made of tapioca starch that is naturally gluten free. Tapioca starch is made  from the roots of the cassava plant. Cassava plants are grown in all regions of Brazil. Cassava roots are also known as yuca, manioc and Brazilian arrowroot. 

From Our Family to Yours!!

Brazilian Cheese Rolls are a versatile food, easy and quick to cook.

From freezer to oven in minutes, they are ready to eat or to create many delicious recipes to enjoy anytime or any occasion!!

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