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Product Info

I Baked them for 30 minutes and they are still soft on the inside. Are they cooked enough?

Yes, If after 30 min they became light golden they are fully cooked and still soft/chewy in the middle. That is what makes de authentic "Pao de Queijo" so delicious. However if you like them less soft inside, you can let them cool down a little bit more before eat.

Are they made with real cheese?

Yes! They are made with only 100% natural ingredients. The cheeses we use in our recipes are made from 100% pure milk, without any modified milk ingredients from Ontario renowned dairy industry.

Are Minas Valley Cheese Rolls safe for 1 year old baby?

Yes, however as our products are made with Cheese, Milk and Eggs it is recommended to check with your doctor first. Make sure that the baby is not allergic at those ingredients. Otherwise, our products are made with only 100% natural ingredients, no preservatives, no atificial flavours or colour. The kids love them!

Are all cheese rolls flavours Gluten Free?

Yes, all our produts are gluten-free. They are made with tapioca flour that is naturally gluten-free.

What kind of cheese is used in the traditional and bacon rolls?

They are made with Canadian cheese from cow's milk

Do you have an ingredients list? We have allergies in our family.

Please check out the link below. Click on the products' images you will be able to see all ingredients and also nutrition information. https://www.minasvalley.com/products

Are they peanuts and nuts free?

Yes, they are.

How many rolls come in a bag?

Each package is 400g and comes around 20 rolls.

How many different Minas Valley flavours are available?

Currently, we have 4 flavours. Traditional Cheddar Parmesan Bacon Garlic & Herb Explore more detail about Minas Valley ingredients and nutrition facts here

Are they frozen?

Yes, they are frozen to bake at home. 25-30min they are ready to enjoy.

Purchasing & Locating Products

Can I buy Cheese Rolls directly from you?

Yes, but reach us out to check if your location is covered by us. You can also purchase Minas Valley Cheese Rolls from local retailers. Find yours here

Where are they at the store?

As they are frozen products looking for them at frozen sections usually at gluten-free aisle.


Do you make these cheese rolls?

Yes, we make them from the scratch in our own facility located in Whitby ON.

Are they safe to eat for person with celiac disease? Are these made in a gluten free facility?

In our facility we produce only gluten-free products. However our facility is not gluten-free certified kitchen yet, we are in process to get the certification. Although we take a very caution to make our cheese rolls using only gluten-free ingredients from trustable suppliers and make them using only gluten-free friendly practices to avoid any cross-contamination, those with celiac disease and with serious sensitivities to gluten are encouraged to wait the certification.

Are they made in a nut free and sesame free facility?

Our facility is Gluten-free, Nuts, peanuts, soy and sesame free. However we are not certified yet, it is in process. Though we take a very caution to make our Cheese Rolls using only ingredients from trustable and certified suppliers. We always attention to avoid cross-contamination.

Is your kitchen inspected?

Yes, our facility is cerified inspected by Durham Region Health Departament. We embrace HACCP food safety principles when we prepare our products. This ensures our products are of the highest quality and great taste you expected from Minas Valley. You can check it out here


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