Minas Valley Traditional is a premium product made of only natural ingredients, no preservatives and it is naturally gluten-free. As known as "Pao de Queijo" in Bazil it is the most popular snack over there. Brazilian cheese rolls are perfect alongside any meal, as a snack, at cocktail parties or bite-sized sandwiches. 100% kids appoved!


Quick and easy to bake! You can always have freshly baked artisanal Brasilian cheese rolls at home to enjoy anytime!! they made with a generous amount of premium Canadian cheese that makes them crispy outside and softy and cheesy inside ..... Sublimely delicious! 

Brazilian Cheese Rolls Traditional 400g

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  • Keep frozen | Cook from frozen | Can be cooked in air fryer | Do not microwave | Once thawed, do not refreeze.


    Gluten-free | Nuts-free | Soy-free | Sugar-free | Non-GMO | No preservatives | No artificial flavour and colour 

    Contains : MILK and EGG

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